Quality Control of materials

Why should you quality control construction materials?
Consistent material is of importance and you will not get a second chance. When the material is in the green, bunker or on the tee,fairway it is to late and this can be a problem for years, holding to much water, being soft, breaking down,draining to much,different chemistry... .
Sometimes course managers will have to manage(fertilize, water, aerify, top-dress) certain greens differently after they just had them rebuild. The worst case scenario they will have to rebuild a green,tee,fairway.
We have seen a lot and been involved in several quality control projects. It is smart to use an Independent consultant in these situations(especially with access to a lab like Brookside Laboratories). We have been involved in not accepting and turning back (not within acceptable range) over 4000 ton of greens mix and 10000 ton of sand cap material just in one 18 hole project. So we know how to deal with delayed projects, vendors, plant managers.... .
We are Independent and will put our client first and make sure the project will be a success