FG Consulting

We are Independent Consultants for the Turfgrass Industry, and do not sell any products associated with our services or business.

Golf Course Consulting is our main expertise and we currently work with many prestigious golf - courses all around the world.

FG Consulting did 2019 develop a 

Soil Profile Assessment Report  

  SPA Report


      There is a lot of useful information within this report. You have chemistry and physical analysis  from each layer, which makes this report very unique. This service have been very popular and since we developed this in January 2019 we have had over 300 golf courses use this service. Report is used to monitor thatch,decomposed organic,layering,topdressing sand, aerification, need for renovation.. .

 In January, 2019 we in addition to the "SPA Report" developed a

Golf Course Evaluation Report.

 During this visit we inspect and analyze the different playing surfaces Tees,Fairways,Greens,Bunkers and with the help of sophisticated instruments we measure (firmness,speed, infiltration ,moisture,smoothness.. .) This combined with a physical and chemical analysis produces a very informative and thorough report.

We still do individual or customized:
Soil Analysis, Physical Analysis, Water Analysis, Tissue Analysis, Fertilizer Analysis are just some of the services we provide to our clients.
We want our clients to have a proactive and not reactive approach to how they manage golf-courses.
Monitoring your soil, turf and water regularly will give you great information. This information will help you understand and see where to spend your time and resources and why.
The constant information and knowledge we provide, give you confidence to make better science based decisions every day.
We provide you with leading edge technology, using analytical services from Brookside Laboratories.
Brookside Laboratories was the first laboratory in the world being accredited by A2LA and USGA
Being members of the nationwide Brookside Society of Professional Consultants (BSPC) gives us a large network which is beneficial to our clients. 
With the help of our clients we can come up with site specific recommendations .
We prepare and recommend physical mixes for construction and renovation of golf-courses.
We currently work with and have experience working with golf courses growing all types of turf-grasses in all types of climates.
Warm season grasses: Seashore paspalum, Kikuyu, Bermuda, Zoysia. 
Cool season grasses:Bent, Rye, Fescue, Poa Annua, Poa Trivialis, Poa Pratensis 
From the Hot Dry Desert to the Milder or Wilder Coast ,up to the Cold North.

If you look for a Quality and Independent  

Golf Course Consulting Service.

FG Consulting is for you!